The leader of the Global Sri Lankan Congress and founder of Singularity Sri Lanka

Manju Nishshanka’s vision is to make Sri Lanka one of the leading global nations that produces an abundance of emerging tech-focused market makers – tackling world’s greatest problems, with the help of global visionaries, latest technologies and borderless capital. His well deserving background in the industry of Finance and Economics has instilled in him a deep dedication to achieving economic prosperity to all of Sri Lanka.


Manju Nishshanka was born on January 17th, 1979 in the town of Gampaha, where he received his primary education at Bandarawaththa Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya and secondary education at Nalanda College, Colombo 10. He then went on to pursue his higher education at the University of Moratuwa, where he graduated in the faculty of Engineering.

After working as an engineer for AMEY PLC in the UK, Manju’s thirst for knowledge led him to complete a Master’s degree in Finance and Risk at City University London. This set him on the path to success, as he went on to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2010, where he worked his way up to become a Vice President of Investment Banking by 2018.

In addition to his well-rounded career in finance, he’s also a successful entrepreneur. He founded Kewl Circle in 2015, KRMG Capital Investment Advisory Firm in 2018, and Mynt Coinz in 2019. He has served as an advisor and board member to over 20+ startups in the US, and currently sits on the board of directors of NYU Blockchain at NYU Stern Business School in New York. He has also been a public keynote speaker at various international conferences on emerging technologies in the USA, UK, Malta, South Korea, France, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Manju believes in the power of high-quality education and has obtained a Global Executive MBA from TRIUM, where he was able to be part of three prestigious business schools around the world (London School of Economics, NYU Stern Business School, and HEC Business School in Paris). He is a firm believer in the idea that education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential and achieving success.

In 2020, Manju returned to his roots, determined to give back to the land where he was born and raised. He served on government investment and macroeconomics advisory boards in Sri Lanka, but soon realized that creating sustainable change was an uphill battle due to the pervasive corruption in politics. As Sri Lanka’s economy struggled under the weight of political mismanagement and corruption, Manju knew that a fundamental change in the political structure and governing system was necessary to revive the economy and bring about real progress.

With this in mind, he founded Singularity Sri Lanka in 2021, a think tank devoted to creating systematic political change through a collective effort among Sri Lankans across the world. Through Singularity Sri Lanka, Manju also initiated and executed various social welfare projects such as Community Kitchen and Rate Daruwo Mageth Dauwo, aimed at uplifting marginalized communities that were heavily impacted during the economic crisis. Manju also launched “Democracy is a lifestyle” campaign, to spread awareness about the importance of active participation in the democratic process and the role of citizens in shaping their country’s future through their vote and their voices.

To fill the much-needed void of strong and qualified leadership, and to implement the National Policy plan originally proposed through Singularity Sri Lanka, Manju initiated forming the political party “Global Sri Lankan Congress; Beak Boundaries. Build a Better Sri Lanka”. As the political party leader for the Global Sri Lankan Congress, he looks forward to working tirelessly towards changing the current corrupt political system, creating a well-structured governing body and bringing about economic prosperity to his motherland.