Who We Are 

Global Sri Lankan Congress is a newly formed democratic and futuristic political movement that consists of Sri Lankans who live locally and abroad. We collectively work towards making Sri Lanka one of the strongest and resilient nations in the world by empowering our fellow Sri Lankans to become champions of global citizens.

We, the Global Sri Lankan Congress embrace differences. We warmly welcome any and every Sri Lankan citizen to our organization regardless of their gender, ethnic background, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or sexual orientations. Together, we can, and we will make our motherland a prosperous and vibrant nation.


Our Approach

Our Political Approach

We believe that the best governing system for a civilized society is Representative Democracy. We also believe that the best path for a thriving and prosperous economy is Socially Responsible Capitalism. Hence, our social-economic model is designed as an integrated derivative of socially responsible capitalism and representative democracy.

Our primary focus is to bring economic prosperity to the nation by reforming our current economic model by introducing Socially Responsible Capitalism. Every powerful nation in the world practices capitalism in various forms – modern, social, mixed, state – accumulating wealth, creating knowledge, gaining technological advancements, providing best education, social welfare systems and setting up the world’s best national security systems, which are the key attributes of a powerful nation.

We determine NOT to settle for less. Through this model, we will build a strong upper middle class with disposable income, and lift the majority of low-income families out of poverty, making Sri Lanka one of the leading middle-income emerging economies in the region. This approach leads to a strong domestic consumption – switching the economic growth of Sri Lanka from an export-driven to a hybrid of export and consumption-driven– making the country less vulnerable to economic downturns of the world.

Our Team

It’s pivotal for us to have a strong political representation at the executive and legislative branches of the government of Sri Lanka in order to accomplish our mission through our twenty-pillar national policy plan. Hence, we will contest in all future national elections with a team of patriotic Sri Lankans -locals as well as Sri Lankan expats – who have gained credibility and reputation as true leaders, doers, and executors in various markets and industries, and civil, environmental and political movements.

Our Prominance – Youth Participation

We believe that the future of Sri Lanka belongs to the youth of Sri Lanka. Hence, we will ensure to have their true representation and active participation reflected in every decision that we make, and every action that we take. We simply want them to be the driving force of our movement